Woolly Things

Hello there, Just dashed outside before it went dark to take some pictures. There’s not much twilight down this neck of the woods, it gets dark fast so they are a bit dark. Oh well…this will be a pattern for a wall hanging and sewing keeper. There’s a third piece to go with it which is a cushion and is done with red stitching.
Finally the wind has stopped howling in Auckland….i think it lasted for 4+ days non stop. A good time to stay inside and sew.
Until next time, Linda 🙂









2 thoughts on “Woolly Things

  1. Love the wall hanging, but especially love the needle keeper. I'm a sucker for those and have a few kits to make up. The wool looks great! 🙂

  2. I am so glad the wind has stopped too – makes me grumpy. Very foggy here today though – your projects add some much needed colour though:)

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