Kaffe Fasset Quilt and Magazine



This quilt has been on the go for my mum for some time and finally it’s almost done. Just the binding to go. I was quite nervous about having it professionally machine quilted as I always hand quilt. I needn’t have been, I just love love love it. The lady who quilted it is  Helen from www.helenhoriginals.co.nz


A few…..quite a few pictures taken in the lovely sunshine today. For me to look at after it’s posted off! This is the back so now the quilt is reversible.





Close up photo of the lovely quilt pattern that Helen used.


Also I’m feeling chuffed about getting on the front cover of Quilters Companion magazine. I didn’t know until it had been published and I received a copy in the post so such a lovely surprise. They make a great job of photographing the quilts with a lovely old villa in the background.  This also has been done with lovely bright Kaffe fabrics…can’t get enough of them!



Until next time,
Linda 🙂


6 thoughts on “Kaffe Fasset Quilt and Magazine

  1. Just popped by to wish you congratulations on your magazine quilt and I see I'd missed this post!! Well done, awesome one!! And you made it to the cover as well, that is so cool. Your Snowball quilt is great too, so happy 🙂

  2. Well done you clever girl. Its lovely and to be on the front cover is quite a feat! When did the mag. come out? I dont think I've got mine yet.
    Your Kaffe Fasset quilt looks lovely – Your Mum will be very happy I'm sure.. Is she still in England?

  3. Congratulations Linda! It's really wonderful to be featured, and on the cover too… well done! The green/pink spot was an excellent choice for the little squares in your Snowball quilt, and I love the border fabric! {I have a little bit of that somewhere, just never knew what to use with it!}

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