Fingerless Gloves

A couple of pictures of a fingerless glove. I’ve only done one so far. It’s boring GST time again and it comes round too fast for my liking but i have mini breaks in between. It wouldn’t take that long if i just got on with it! Rather be sewing/knitting !



A present to send to UK. I like that the wool is made in NZ. It’s called Outlaw yarn and it’s made from Alpaca, Possum and Polwarth. At the risk of sounding “silly” here in NZ i wasn’t sure what a Polwarth was so i Googled it. Of coarse it’s a sheep! The mitt feels nice and warm with all those creatures in it 🙂
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  1. I was just thinking yesterday that it was time to knit some arm warmers before winter arrives, you have inspired me to get onto it. Mine will not be so fancy, not sure I know how to do cable!

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