Dear Jane and Other Things

Hi there, After a lot of thought ( about 5 minutes ) I decided to do a Dear Jane quilt or at least have a go! At a pace of one block a week. I’ve had a look at different ways of putting them together and it’s definitely an heirloom quilt…well for me anyhow. Block one is done ..phew only 168 to go..mmm.

I thought I’d show you these sweet pencil cases/crochet hook holders from the book below. I really enjoyed making them as they only took a short while.



Until next time, Linda


2 thoughts on “Dear Jane and Other Things

  1. What happened to my comment? ? Anyway I said that your mishap looked pretty painful. Good start and good luck with DJ.I think I managed about 10. Might be on the 10 year plan. 😀

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