Colour Catcher

Hi there, I’ve read a little about Colour Catchers and thought i would do my own experiment. I washed the lighter quilt that had a red in the background and a red border and the catcher came out a light pink.
I wasn’t really satisfied as this quilt had been washed before. I had a quilt in the cupboard that i knew the red dye in it would run as when i had made it the boys left a wet flannel on it and the dye ran like mad….so perfect for this experiment. The fabric hadn’t been washed before i made the quilt. I put it in the machine with one catcher and on a warm wash. The water was red…really red and so i chucked in another catcher. I felt sure the quilt would come out pink as all the water that came out of the machine was dark red.  I was really surprised to find no colour run at all…not even a tiny bit. Just look at the colour of those catchers.These things are made in the UK so go Spotless Punch Ltd i say. No need ever to wash fabrics again before you patchwork ladies! Oh and they were $7.99 from Countdown and there are 12 in the box.


Until next time, Linda


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  1. Hi, just reading about your experiments with the colour catchers. I've always used a 'wool' cycle on my machine and water temp. set at cold when washing my quilts.. does this inhibit the colour catcher effect at all, as nothing much comes out on them?
    (the quilts all have come out fine …so far!) Linda

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