Woolly Things

Hello there, Just dashed outside before it went dark to take some pictures. There’s not much twilight down this neck of the woods, it gets dark fast so they are a bit dark. Oh well…this will be a pattern for a wall hanging and sewing keeper. There’s a third piece to go with it which is a cushion and is done with red stitching.
Finally the wind has stopped howling in Auckland….i think it lasted for 4+ days non stop. A good time to stay inside and sew.
Until next time, Linda 🙂









The Wedding

Hi there, It’s been a while since i blogged but so much has been happening. My eldest son Chris got married to Amy his best friend for the last 10 years. We all had such a wonderful time and these two had a permanent smile on their faces all day. They were married in Queensland….love that place.

Back home again in New Zealand and busy getting a block of the month ready for All things Patchwork.

Blog The Wedding

I have a bonus pattern to include with the final month and as usual it’s not finished yet…I can only show part of it. It’s a busy pattern and could be used as a wall hanging or a cushion or just parts of it.

My mum always asks me how many projects i have on the go and it’s always 3. We both know I’m telling a white lie! For years every single item of clothing or housewares my mum bought was 2.99 from Marks & Spencer. Mum would even holler it out before  getting to the front door! I wonder how many other women do that? Lots of us i bet!!
Until next time, Linda 🙂

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