Partridge in a Pear Tree

Hi, It’s a bit strange to finish a Christmas project half way through January. We have Christmas in July in New Zealand so i suppose it’s a good time to start ! I haven’t met anyone yet who actually does Christmas twice though.  I love Christmas in the summer in NZ so much nicer than being cold.


I’ve posted a few pictures of the finished wool wall hanging. It was good fun to make except it had to be finished and i sat for many hours straight quilting it. Ended up talking to myself in the end..words of encouragement….come on one more stitch ! Things quilters do!



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Wall Hanging

Hi, I’m having the most boring day doing GST and every now and then i look at the old photo’s on the computer to give me a break. I thought i would put a picture of the table topper i made …or a wall hanging maybe on the blog. It was from a book Scandinavian Stitches and finished at 40′ x42′. I made it smaller and gave it to my son. A rhyme for children past on from generation to generation and good fun to make with Brandon Mabley’s  fish fabric.



Thought I’d put a picture of the back. Echino…so lovely all by itself.
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The Wedding

Hi there, It’s been a while since i blogged but so much has been happening. My eldest son Chris got married to Amy his best friend for the last 10 years. We all had such a wonderful time and these two had a permanent smile on their faces all day. They were married in Queensland….love that place.

Back home again in New Zealand and busy getting a block of the month ready for All things Patchwork.

Blog The Wedding

I have a bonus pattern to include with the final month and as usual it’s not finished yet…I can only show part of it. It’s a busy pattern and could be used as a wall hanging or a cushion or just parts of it.

My mum always asks me how many projects i have on the go and it’s always 3. We both know I’m telling a white lie! For years every single item of clothing or housewares my mum bought was 2.99 from Marks & Spencer. Mum would even holler it out before  getting to the front door! I wonder how many other women do that? Lots of us i bet!!
Until next time, Linda 🙂

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First Post

After reading all the Quilting & Sewing blogs out there for the past 2 years I thought it about time I joined the world of blog.

The inspiration for this quilt came form a group called Colour Quarterly which is held four times a year at our local patchwork shop All Things Patchwork. We are given a FQ or 25cm of fabric (you can buy more). You never know which fabric you’ll be given so it’s a real challenge especially if the fabric is out of your comfort zone. It certainly gets your brain ticking over and it’s surprising what you’ll eventually come up with. It’s a fantastic idea and a lot of fun. The fabric we were given was the border fabric.

This quilt is called ‘An Autumn Guest’.