15 Minute Purses

Hi, Does anyone fully understand google+ in circles? I click on buttons to find out what they are and delete things and the whole thing is frustrating…..that’s the trouble as you get older…it’s like learning to drive when you are 50+..I need lessons..plenty of them.Step by step learning. I think i should just sit and sew instead anything new about sewing and the brain just lights up . I have been making purses. Made about 12 so far for my future daughter in-law. They should be called 15 minute purses….just two 8.5 x 10.5″ pieces of fabric. One for the purse and one lining and batting the same size.


For a rounded edge mark 2″ both sides from the corner. Line up a plate against the pen marks and draw round the plate. Put the two pieces of fabric right sides together and place on top of the batting. Sew around with the usual 1/4″ seam leaving a gap near the bottom to turn inside out. Trim the corners. The gap will be top stitched so no need to hand sew closed.Turn out and press.


Turn the bottom up 3 1/2″. Top stitch all around the purse.


Sew a poppa on the inside and a button or bead on the outside of the purse on top of where the poppa is sewn. I know everyone knows how to do this but for a quick present with a soap..tissues or whatever they’re not bad.
Until next time, Linda


How to Make a Double-end Zip for Purses and Bags

You’ll need two zips the same. One, the correct length and one short one. The short one will be used for the zip pull and stop end only.

Short Zip
Remove the stop end as shown in the photo, and remove the zip pull. Use a pair of tweezers to lift up the prongs and pull the stop end out.

1 2


Long Zip
Remove the two stops at the top of the zip, the same way.


Put the spare zip pull onto the end of the zip with the flat edge facing out (round edges facing).

6 5

If you find it difficult to get the zip moving pull both ends of the zip apart gently until you feel one tooth pull apart and you’ll find the zip will move freely.

7 8

When both zip pulls are on, you can replace the stop end of your zip if you wish. If you find it easier, you can sew a piece of fabric as shown in the photo instead.

9 10

I hope this is of help.