More Hexagons

Hi, Just a few more hexagons and a sunburst block and feeling a bit bogged down as too much is going on around here. I’ve decided next year is the year that “one thing at a time” will be the new motto 🙁 ? I’ve shelved my Kaffe quilt for the time being as i am making a quilt for my mum as her birthday is looming. For quite a while now i hear the words “I would love something with colour”. So KF it is….snowball blocks with a bigger centre.



Until next time, Linda




Hi there,
I’ve lost track of time lately working, sewing and all the rest. For a while now I’ve been wanting to do some hexagons using templates.
They are Meredith Clarke templates and Mathilda’s Own. I’m making a quilt and didn’t work out the maths first. Finally after looking at it for 2 months “wondering” i woke up one morning with these templates on my mind and lo and behold they are a perfect fit to go around the center.What a relief !


I pulled out a couple of shopping bags (small ones) full of things i haven’t finished. This happens from time to time and they get put right back or chucked out. Found this little square of embroidery that i was practicing bullion knots on and thought i would finish it……….soon.


Until next time,
Linda 🙂

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