New Quilt


How the time fly’s! Been busy with Instagram and having a good time with posting pictures. Touch of a button and it’s all done in seconds.

Apart from that I’ve been working on a new quilt for a block of the month. I put together some paper pieces and found a good place for them.

On this quilt. No name yet.

Good day to sew as it’s pouring with rain here in Auckland.

Until next time,

Linda 🙂


Tula Pink Sampler Blocks

Started something new this evening…yet another thing! I’ve been collecting these fabrics for a while for this quilt. Fabrics with creatures on. This book by Tula Pink is fantastic and the blocks go together nice and easy. My list of things to do is still under 7 so that’s OK 🙂



Until next time,


Machine Quilting


Finally had a go at machine quilting. Only straight lines with a walking foot but really enjoyed it. Some lines are really wonky but that’s alright. The nicest thing about it all was that the whole thing didn’t take long. Well unless you count being up till 1am not long! I haven’t shown all of it as it’s a wedding anniversary gift.




Until next time,


A Few More Dear Jane

Hi, A few more Dear Jane blocks for tomorrow’s get together. Hardly any sewing this month just decorating so not much to show….except had a go at making a small quilt for a first wedding anniversary with letters which was fun to do. I’m always amazed at how quickly modern quilts come together and loving that!




I found this lovely book in the library full of letters to make. I would like to have this one on my book shelf. It has a lot of interesting ideas.
Until next time,


Colour Catcher

Hi there, I’ve read a little about Colour Catchers and thought i would do my own experiment. I washed the lighter quilt that had a red in the background and a red border and the catcher came out a light pink.
I wasn’t really satisfied as this quilt had been washed before. I had a quilt in the cupboard that i knew the red dye in it would run as when i had made it the boys left a wet flannel on it and the dye ran like mad….so perfect for this experiment. The fabric hadn’t been washed before i made the quilt. I put it in the machine with one catcher and on a warm wash. The water was red…really red and so i chucked in another catcher. I felt sure the quilt would come out pink as all the water that came out of the machine was dark red.  I was really surprised to find no colour run at all…not even a tiny bit. Just look at the colour of those catchers.These things are made in the UK so go Spotless Punch Ltd i say. No need ever to wash fabrics again before you patchwork ladies! Oh and they were $7.99 from Countdown and there are 12 in the box.


Until next time, Linda


More Hexagons

Hi, Just a few more hexagons and a sunburst block and feeling a bit bogged down as too much is going on around here. I’ve decided next year is the year that “one thing at a time” will be the new motto 🙁 ? I’ve shelved my Kaffe quilt for the time being as i am making a quilt for my mum as her birthday is looming. For quite a while now i hear the words “I would love something with colour”. So KF it is….snowball blocks with a bigger centre.



Until next time, Linda



Kaffe Fassett Quilt

Hi there, Finally finished my Kaffe Fassett  quilt from a class i did a while back. I bought autumn colours for my daughter in law and then it was decided that spring colours were wanted instead…lucky for me because this quilt’s really grown on me and it will be good to keep it. I wish days were 30 hours long with only 4 hours work a day. All the rest for sewing and sleeping!
Until next time,  Linda



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The Wedding

Hi there, It’s been a while since i blogged but so much has been happening. My eldest son Chris got married to Amy his best friend for the last 10 years. We all had such a wonderful time and these two had a permanent smile on their faces all day. They were married in Queensland….love that place.

Back home again in New Zealand and busy getting a block of the month ready for All things Patchwork.

Blog The Wedding

I have a bonus pattern to include with the final month and as usual it’s not finished yet…I can only show part of it. It’s a busy pattern and could be used as a wall hanging or a cushion or just parts of it.

My mum always asks me how many projects i have on the go and it’s always 3. We both know I’m telling a white lie! For years every single item of clothing or housewares my mum bought was 2.99 from Marks & Spencer. Mum would even holler it out before  getting to the front door! I wonder how many other women do that? Lots of us i bet!!
Until next time, Linda 🙂

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Modern Quilts

Not much going on around my place of late. I did have a go at a modern quilt. I loved how quickly it came together and the open space is great if you want to show off hand quilting. As you can see in the photo that’s as far as i got!


























Until next time,